Our Mission

Paralo is a group founded to connect reality to virtual realities created, shared, and imagined. We make virtual reality products designed for a simple experience, making VR fun and accessible for everyone.

Our Team

We are a team that brings technology and design together to elevate each other to new heights.

Tony is our lead designer and the creative brains behind Play. Trained in Pratt Institute, Tony has won several design awards for his short time there. He spends his time thinking about the possibilities of products and imagining what the world needs next.

Shirley is the head of operations, and the pragmatic force of Paralo. She ensures our vision is brought to life by translating creativity into structural processes that will guide us to the completion of this project.  

Ke is the project manager, Cornell educated, a consultant by training turned hopeful entrepreneur, he wants to create a product that is entertaining, fun, and allows you to see the world in a new way.