1. What phone is compatible with Paralo Play?

Android phones need to be running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or above. Ideally it should support NFC. The following is a list of compatible phones:

Google Nexus 4               Fully Compatible

Google Nexus 5               Fully Compatible

Motorola Moto X            Fully Compatible

Samsung Galaxy S4         Fully Compatible

Samsung Galaxy S5         Fully Compatible

Samsung Galaxy Nexus  Fully Compatible

HTC One M7                   Partially Compatible (Magnet input not working)

Motorola Moto G           Partially Compatible (Magnet input not working)

Samsung Galaxy S3         Partially Compatible (Magnet input not working)

iPhone 5 & 5s                  Partially Compatible (Screen size not optimal)

2. Does it support iPhone 6 and 6 plus?

Yes, PLAY will support the iPhone 6 but not the iPhone 6 plus.

3. What does it mean when a phone is only partially compatible?

When your phone is partially compatible, that usually means either the magnetic input or the size of your phone is not fully compatible. The magnet input work as as “mouse click” to provide input to your phone. Some phones don’t have their magnet receptor located on the side of the magnetic input which causes it to not work. You can always just tap the screen to provide the input. The second issue is the size of the phone. Currently Play only supports phones up to 5 inches. We are working on designing a version with wider compatibility for a release after the campaign.

4. Would there be support for Augmented Reality?

PLAY does not support Augmented Reality.

5. What does the NFC tag do ?

The Near Field Communication (NFC) is wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. The NFC tag on Play will trigger the launch of the Cardboard application automatically. You can also start the Cardboard app from the phone before putting your phone inside the viewer

6. What do I do after inserting my phone into Play?

If you have NFC turned on in your phone, then the application should be prompted to open. If not, make sure you have the Cardboard Application installed on your phone.

7. What does the magnets do and how do I use them?

The magnet is used to navigate or click in certain VR applications. When you pull and release the ring, the phone’s magnetometer will respond to the changes in the magnetic field and register a click like if you tapped on the screen. The Google cardboard application supports the magnet.

8. What can I do if my phone doesn't support the magnet?

Not all phones will be able to detect the magnet pulls. Therefore, you can tap the phone screen with your finger which will react as it had detected a magnet pull.

9. What lenses are used in Play VR?

We are using 25mm acrylic, biconvex lenses.